Discover Canberra's hidden gems

Welcome to Canberra Treasure Hunt!

Think you know Canberra? Think again.

Every month we invite you to shake up your Saturday and embark on an adventure around the ACT.

Uncover the Capital's hidden history as you race to solve riddles and discover Canberra's hidden gems.


About Us

We're Alex and Lucy, the team behind Canberra Treasure Hunt. Our love of treasure hunts began in 2016 when as enthusiastic hunters we cavorted around Canberra in Lucy's mini Mazda, belting out Hamilton showtunes and solving riddles. We're passionate about Canberra, and loved discovering the history of the city we've chosen to call home. We want to use Canberra Treasure Hunt to highlight Canberra's historic and contemporary charms, and share our love of adventure with others.


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