How many people per team?

As many as you’d like! Bring your whole posse, or take on the riddles as a solo adventurer. We recommend a team of 4 though – perfect for a car-load.

Can I walk or ride my bike between locations?

We're planning to hold some special Hunts just for walkers and cyclists. Unless we tell you though, you'll need a vehicle to get between locations.

How long does the hunt take?

Approximately 2 hours. Each event is unique, and some riddle locations may be further apart than others. If you’re a super-solver you might have all riddles solved in a hour, but there’s no reason why you can’t take your time and make a day of it.


Can I go in there?

There are two general rules that should guide where you can go: 1) Is it a public place? And 2) Is it safe? If the answer to those are yes, then sure! We’ll give you advanced notice if the clues or treasure are inside a building or on private property.


Where do I find the clues and treasure?

Clues and the treasure will always be in plain sight, and the treasure will be hidden under loose material (eg leaves/rocks). Remember the GOLDEN RULE: Do not damage anything in search of clues or treasure. 

Do I have to buy a starter pack?

Yes, and we think you’ll love it! The pack includes a watercolour map of Canberra and its surrounds, a code of conduct and a how-to guide to help you solve clues. When you buy the pack you pick a team name, and we get your email address so we know where to send the clues!


Do you do team building treasure hunts for businesses?

We’re working on that right now! Drop us a line us at hello@canberratreasurehunt.com if you would like to know more.


Can you organise a treasure hunt for my party?

We love doing treasure hunts at parties, though it will depend on whether we have the time. Email us at hello@canberratreasurehunt.com. 

Do you do gift vouchers?

Sure do! Email us at hello@canberratreasurehunt.com and we'll set you up!