Canberra Treasure Hunt Rules

Our Hunts will take you to locations all across Canberra, so we ask you to abide by some rules to keep everyone safe. We rely on you to help maintain our reputation so we can keep holding Hunts into the future.

GOLDEN RULE: Do not damage anything in search of clues or treasure. Clues will always be in plain sight, and the treasure will be hidden under loose material (eg leaves/rocks). 

  • Be safe when driving, and obey all road rules. We recommend teams so that the driver can pay attention to the road while someone else navigates to the next location. If you are playing on your own, you must pull over if you need to check your phone.

  • We love it when people are excited on their Hunts. Please be respectful of people who aren't participating in the Hunt.

  • Please do not trespass. You'll only ever need to stick to public property, unless we explicitly tell you a location is on private property.